Texture Tone & Sculpture

04 Oct Texture Tone & Sculpture

Last month Murobond in collaboration with the talented Mr Jason Grant released a hot new “Gone Fishing” range of colours for summer. I’ve chosen two colours ‘Punch’ and ‘Gull’ from the new range as my inspiration, teaming them with three gorgeous greys from one of his previous ranges.

1. When decorating play with tones of colour

When decorating a room, seek to explore multiple tones of a chosen colour. Think about a paint colour strip. On a paint colour strip there are many versions of a single colour. Choose a light, medium and dark variation of a single colour.


Basic and neutral colours and shades create a calm classic atmosphere. Play with splashes of colour in the room as they will add style to the decor and make the room brighter and more cohesive. Use natural fabrics with rough and plain textures to create calm relaxed atmosphere and use glass surfaces and lacquered furniture if you wish to a create modern, polished, futuristic and high-tech interior.


2. Texture helps decorate your room for visual interest

When choosing fabrics, a plain or flat finish is fine for the sofa, but the occasional chairs, cushions on the sofa and even the rug could do with a pronounced pattern or texture so as to create a warm cozy feel that creates visual interest. Place strong-bold patterns and textures next to subtle-weak patterns and textures, so the different pattern combinations don’t fight each other.

3. Use sculpture to create the best design for your room or home

screen_shot_2012-10-06_at_8-29-52_pmThe third element to a creating a winning interior is sculptural interest. When selecting a coffee table, side tables, and other decorative accessories, choose items that have some (or a lot of) character. Look for a coffee table with a great stone, or faux stone top. If a glass-topped table is what you want, get one with some great looking legs that have detail to them. Think distressed-antiqued iron, and anything that has sculptural details (swirling or twisting shaped metal). Another visually exciting element is heavily carved wood on side tables, coffee tables, as lamp bases, and as part of the trim on sofas and chairs.

There are many examples of decorative elements with a lot of sculptural interest. They are metal, wood, and stone. These kinds of elements, because they have raised or carved surfaces, and sculptural qualities will add great visual interest.


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