Top 5 Renovation Trends for 2013

04 Oct Top 5 Renovation Trends for 2013

The last five years have seen volatile economic times and fiscal tightening in almost all sectors of the economy. These economic trends have a direct impact on the way we live and set the trends for the year that lies ahead.

In my opinion, the most noteable renovation trends for 2013 will be:

Renovation Trend #1: Fewer homes for sale

The holding of good properties has been a trend for a while now, I predict this trend will continue throughout 2013. Most will prefer to make slight renovations to their current home, saving the expense of buying / selling.


Renovation Trend #2: Smaller spaces will be more popular

The Australian Bureau of Statistics census results show population numbers closer to town centres and CBDs are increasing. The combined impact of land size, zoning restrictions and the higher cost of real estate in these areas means that what money can buy will be smaller. This trend is evident in the number of furniture manufacturers who are producing smaller sized furniture options and compact storage solutions.

Renovation Trend #3: Multi-purpose rooms are key

Many of us have taken a career path that has led us away from our family support network. We are having children later in life and adult children are living at home longer than ever before. The varying needs of family members means that we must make better use of the spaces we have and accommodate the changing needs of both permanent and visiting family members.


Renovation Trend #4: Home office spaces

Whether it’s to meet with clients or simply to find a quiet space in which to work from home a few days per week, changes in flexible work arrangements and the increasing number of home-operated businesses mean a well thought out home office is an essential feature.

Renovation Trend #5: Good garden design with low maintenance living

Gardens and courtyards around the home bring in light and views to bedrooms and living areas. Choose paint-free and natural textures and where possible have doors that open directly on to these areas. An extra door opening to access garden areas can make a huge difference and enhances the flow of living spaces.


About Linda Delaney and North Shore Interiors

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