Wallpaper, Wallpaper on the Wall

04 Oct Wallpaper, Wallpaper on the Wall

In case you didn’t get the memo – wallpaper is “in” and it has been for a while! But you’re either a wallpaper person or you’re not.

If you’re like me, a child of the 70’s, you probably grew up with orange paisley wallpaper in the living room (and not the good kind), various shades of purple geometrics in the bathroom (perhaps a hang-over from the psychedelic sixties) and textured off-white tonal variations in the bedrooms. I have vague recollections as a four year old shopping for wallpaper. Maybe I actually had a say in some of the selections…the palest of pink flowers that dotted my bedroom… That scheme saw me from 4 to 34 Thankfully I moved out of the parental home at age 17.

My childhood was spent growing up in Northern Queensland and only by the grace of God, on reflection, were my parents faced with an opportunity to rethink how interiors had evolved (read: dramatically changed), when a cyclone hit, lifting the roof and wetting most of the inside of their house. So they ripped out the wallpaper and finally painted the walls. What a relief!!!

In all the years I have been buying and selling homes, I have never seen myself re-decorating with wallpaper. It wasn’t until recently that my perception and experience with wallpaper has actually changed somewhat. Some time last year, I was introduced to the new Eijffinger SMART wallpapers by Julia and Philip Garner of Garner Agencies. SMART paper is much easier to work with than its older, more conventional relative – the ‘total pain in the butt to apply or you’d better not make a mistake’ type. Julia and Philip are the Sydney distributors of Eiffinger, Hohenberger, Scalamandre, Kukuxumusi, Destiny & Design and Blendworth wallpapers (just to name a few). They are truly great people and their knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed.

I took a look around the showroom this week and here are a few snaps of some of the wallpapers they are show casing at the moment.


Apart from just using wallpaper on your walls, there are many other uses for the modern day wallpaper. I searched a few Blogs for work others have done in this area to save myself putting a project together and shooting it. If you follow me on Pinterest you will find other inspirations on my board, “Wallpaper Ideas”.

So you see, there are many uses for wallpaper in the modern day home. My husband and I are looking to renovate our house some time soon, so who knows, just maybe, I’ll try living with wallpaper in my own home again…..though not for as long as my parents did, I hope! ☺

See the full range of wallpapers shown in this article at the Verve Designer Collections website or phone them on 03 9532 2003. For retail purchases contact Linda at North Shore Interiors.


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