Inspired to change your cushions?

05 Oct Inspired to change your cushions?

murray-valley_group_200x200What is a cost efficient way to refresh the look of an entire space?

What can be placed on the couch and on the floor?

What involves a low level of commitment and can be changed as often as you like?

The answer: Cushions!

More than just an accessory

Cushions are like the shoes to the home…whilst small in size, cushions can make a big difference! Often mistaken as a mere accessory, many disregard the implicit power that cushions possess. Versatility underpins the cushion; they can simultaneously inject personality, colour and visual interest into a space.

The perfect way to transform and refresh space


Cushions are the perfect way for you to transform and ‘refresh’ a space without breaking the budget. They offer an accessible way to experiment with the look and feel of a space whilst maintaining a low level of commitment. Therefore, if you wish to follow interior trends, cushions can allow you to incorporate the latest craze into your interior with minimal investment.

The best way to select the right cushions

Selecting cushions can be a very difficult task. Before you even start investigating cushions, it is important to ask yourself some questions;

  • Do you wish for your cushions to discretely blend in with the space?
  • Do you want to add continuity with your existing colour scheme?
  • Do you wish for the cushions to command attention through contrast?
  • Do you want your cushions to match design style (ie retro contemporary, classic etc)?

Thoughtful consideration of such questions can assist the selection process as it provides a clear direction and saves you from becoming overwhelmed with choice.

Where should I place my cushions?

le-champagne_group1_200x200Placement of cushions is also important. Cushions are not limited to the couch or sofa but can be placed on the floor, the bed or even on a single chair.  Depending on their placement, cushions can be used as a focal point in a room.  It is the creative freedom and flexibility of cushions creates an exciting opportunity for you to leave your signature on a space. Combining different textures, patterns, sizes and colours; there is no right way.

Scatter or throw cushions are a great way to add texture and layers to a space. By nature, cushions are inviting; guests are more inclined to feel relaxed when cushions are present.  They present a sense of warmth and can dramatically  ‘soften’ a harsh interior.

Cushions are also available in a huge range of fabrics. From simple to luxurious, from humble cotton to expensive silk, the only limit is your imagination! When choosing cushions it is important consider for what and where they will be used.  If used in the living room, and will be subjected to heavy use, it is important to select high-quality, durable fabrics that will stand the test of time and will be easier to manage.


And remember…just like a girl can never have too many shoes…the same goes for cushions!

About our range of cushions for your home

Frustrated with the lack of high-quality yet cost-efficient cushions within the market, Linda Delaney has cleverly responded by launching the NSI House of Design cushion range. Linda offers a high-quality range of beautifully-designed cushions that do not break the budget .

From floral to geometric to ethnic to neutral, NSI House of Design offers a diverse range of styles and finishes without the expensive price tag. Click HERE to view the diverse range, all hand-selected by Linda herself. With over 150 different designs and colours, you will be sure to find the perfect cushion for your space!

Feeling inspired to change your cushions?

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About Linda Delaney and North Shore Interiors

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Linda has been seen in Habitus, Inside Out, Grand Designs Australia and Money magazines. She is also a regular contributor for leading Australian interior design publications, Home Design and the annual Design & Decoration. Watch out for more of Linda’s work featured in the media.

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