Magical Moroccan Interiors

05 Oct Magical Moroccan Interiors

Moroccan interior design style is ultimately a celebration of craftsmanship and a direct reflection of the country’s rich culture. Rich jewel tones and detail are defining features of the Moroccan style. Deep pinks, blues, purples and yellows are often combined with gold to convey opulence and wealth.

At the heart of Moroccan interior design

Layering lies at the heart of the Moroccan style and it is in no way minimalist. Instead a mix of patterns and colours are layered to create a sense of abundance and extravagance.

For example; Moroccan-inspired cushions combined with a pile of various textiles on the couch is a great way to integrate the style in your living room. Adding a colourful rug over a patterned floor is also another bold way of adding a Moroccan flair into your living area.


The details within this richly cultural design style

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Lighting is also an important element of Moroccan design; lanterns, sconces and lamps typically handcrafted with colourful pieces of glass emit a unique glowing light and creates a romantic and warm ambience. An assortment of hanging lanterns in various sizes, colours and pattern is a great way to creatively introduce light into an entreating or living area.

Detailed hand-crafted tiles are also a feature of Moroccan design. Tiling is commonly used on surfaces ranging from walls to tabletops. For example; tiles can introduce colour and visual interest into the kitchen when applied as a splash-back. Intricately carved and hand-painted motifs are a key attribute of traditional Moroccan furniture. Authentic chests, tables or armoires are a great addition to a living space as they immediately add character and visual interest.

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Ideas to inject a bit of ‘Moroccan’ into your design

Integrating a Moroccan flair into your interior space does not need to be dramatic. Instead, it can be subtly injected through smaller accessories – such as a traditional Moroccan wedding blanket as a throw or collection of traditional glass vases.

Mixing Moroccan accessories throughout your existing interior is a great way to subtly add an exotic touch and leverage the rich colour scheme this design style has to offer. Such accessories work surprisingly well when combined with clean-lined modern furniture.

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