Child’s Play

06 Oct Child’s Play

nsi-childs-play_03A child’s room is more than just a bedroom and place to sleep.

It is a space where they play, daydream, read and create. It is important to make the space as comfortable, lively and inspirational as possible.

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Collaborate with your child


A great way to ensure your child is happy and satisfied with the selection of colour and furnishings is to involve them in the design selection process. It is also important to consider and assess the personality of your child upon making decisions as well.

For example; if your child has a tendency to be hyper-sensitive, subdued colours may be better suited to evoke a sense of calm and serenity. Identifying the mood you wish to evoke, makes it easier to choose the furnishings and accessories that will assist in creating that effect.


Through the eyes of a child


It is also important to consider that children do not perceive the world in the same way adults do. When selecting furnishings attempt to see them through a child’s eyes. Children’s senses need to be stimulated and textures, bright colours and patterns are a great way to do so.

Think colour, colour…and more colour, although sticking with neutral furniture is always wise as it does not need to be swapped out as regularly.

Teenage bedroom heaven in the home of interiors writer and stylist, Heather Nette King

Be adventurous and experiment with mixing graphics and colourful cushions with fluffy rugs, without overstimulating.

Design a child’s room for change


Be mindful that children consistently change their preferences as they grow and develop. Therefore, it is important to consider using accessories and colours that can be easily replaced.

For example; beanbags, textured rugs or fun cushions are just some examples to add colour and texture into the space

For some inspiration, click here to see our own unique and fun collection of boys and girls cushions from the NSI House of Design.

Many children have a favourite cartoon character or television show and a way to integrate this into a room may be through wall decals as they can be easily removed and interchanged when outgrown.
Another great way is through the use of Lego art – creations the children have put together themselves.
nsi-childs-play_05If you are willing to create something a little more permanent, a feature wall is also another playful way to add interest into a room. Stripes, a bright colour or even hand painted mural can be inspirational and a personal touch, applied via either paint or wallpaper.

Storage is always key – a child’s room is no different


With so many clothes, toys and games, storage must be a key consideration in a child’s room. Whilst furniture should be appropriate for your child’s age, also make sure there isn’t too much of it (most kid’s rooms are busy enough as it is without unnecessary clutter) it is something that can grow with him or her.

Teenage bedroom heaven in the home of interiors writer and stylist, Heather Nette King

For example; Full-sized dressers and cabinets that can last through the school years are a wise investment. If built-ins are out of your budget, shelving is also a great way to not only store, but to display awards, special items and books.

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