Create Your Own Picture Display

06 Oct Create Your Own Picture Display

Image source: Pottery Barn Australia

Image source: Pottery Barn Australia

Think of your home as your personal gallery, where you can create a changing display that captures your life, passions, memories and ideals. You can fill an entire wall with your favourite framed photos of your family, friends and the places which you’ve been to.

Present a dramatic display by mixing your frames with shadow boxes, vases and treasured objects. Creating a picture display filled with personal meaning is easier than you think.

For inspiration you can visit stores that are rich in frame ideas, such as Pottery Barn if you live in Sydney (even if you don’t you can still visit their online store).


Ledge Display

Divide a group of frames to display on mounted ledges.
Overlap and stagger the height of the frames for variety.

Staircase Display

nsi-picturewall-02Hang the frames following the same upward angle of your staircase.

Anchor the display with large focal frames then accent the anchors with smaller frame sizes.

Gallery Display

nsi-picturewall-03Place three equal-sized large frames in the center to establish a focal point.

Surround the frames with smaller frames for a gallery-style effect.

nsi-picturewall-04To balance the gallery, ensure frame bottoms, tops and sides are equally aligned.

With a little creativity and preparation, you can easily transform an ordinary wall into a personal statement.

  • Achieve the proper balance between your wall space and the frames you want to display. Try allowing 3 – 5cm. Smaller frames can be more impactful when grouped together while a large frame may stand alone.
  • Place your frames at eye level, usually 1.5m from the floor. Hang higher if the room has particularly high ceilings.
  • Ensure the frame arrangement is horizontally centered on your wall space to create balance.
  • Plan the layout of your frames before hanging, either with craft paper on the wall or by arranging them on a table or the floor.
  • Create a personal gallery by displaying frames of varying shape and size. Hang frames in both horizontal and vertical orientations to add interest.
  • To create an interesting gallery effect, visit a photo centre or use your home computer to change favourite colour photos to black and white images.


For instructions on How to Hang Your Own Frame Wall, Country Road has some great advice in the form of a ‘How to’ video and PDF ‘How to’ instruction sheet.


Source: Pottery Barn, USA

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