Leather: no reason not to faux

06 Oct Leather: no reason not to faux

I recently talked with Inside Out magazine for their feature on Faux Leather, its versatility and durability. In this blog article I delve deeper into this textile, talk about the most common applications for faux leathers and how to make them work.

One of the most redeeming qualities of faux leather is its wonderful durability and practicality. High rub test results, which are used to measure the durability of fabrics, are a testament to this.

In residences, we mostly see faux used over real leather for applications such as bed heads, ottomans and dining chairs, because they are both hard-wearing and easy to clean. We have also seen it used to cover the top of desks, as well as to cover storage chests in a style inspired by Louis Vuitton.

nsi_fauxleather_02Faux leathers are also excellent for commercial applications such as cafes, bars and waiting rooms where durability is crucial. Mix and match textures and colours to add interest while providing a more sophisticated and co-ordinated look.

Why use faux leathers over real leather?

For many of us, the sight of leather brings to mind images of stately, wood-paneled libraries and rich mahogany drawing rooms. Think: the Preppy style of Ralph Lauren.

A faux leather finish can be applied to create this type of atmosphere in any home. In today’s eco-friendly, animal-friendly world, faux leather has become more popular than it has been previously.

Carlucci Di Chivasso ‘Chane’ from Unique Fabrics
Source: Inside Out, July/ August 2013

The latest technologies used in composing man-made fabrics have also advanced to the point it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish faux from its genuine counterpart. Most options can be wiped down with a damp cloth, requiring little maintenance, making them practical for households with young or teenage children.

At a fraction of the cost of real leather, testing very high in durability (some rub tests have produced results as high as 150,000 rubs) combined with today’s fabulous variety of colours and textures it’s a win-win for everyone.

My tips on finding good quality faux leathers that will stand the test of time – just like real leather

If you’re looking for a good quality faux leather that will stand the test of time, look no further than Joanne / JF Fabrics Tannery collections.

Made from poly materials and available from Verve Designer Collections, the Tannery Croc & Roll and Tannery Platinum collections in particular, offer a wonderful range of textured and flat faux leathers that are easy to care for, environmentally friendly and are more breathable than PVC faux leathers. Produced in virtually every colour, style and pattern, there is bound to be something that will fit your brief.


Source: Osborne & Little

New trends and technologies being used in faux leathers

The quality of faux leathers is rapidly improving as new discoveries are made within the technologies that create them. The creation of mock-croc and other reptile imitations plus the inclusion of vibrant colours such as hot pink, lime and lilac can be integrated into any style of interior producing stunning results. Of course there are still the more traditional products ranging from those that mimic genuine hides to quilted products that showcase only the best designs.

Take a look at the faux leather feature in the July/August issue of Inside Out magazine.

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