Unique designers: the Twig Chicks

06 Oct Unique designers: the Twig Chicks

nsi-twig-thMeeting Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow from ‘Twig Terrariums’, was at once hilarious, inspirational and brilliant. Their intense passion, enthusiasm and vibrant energy is infectious.

Referring to themselves as the Twig Chicks, I was in complete awe as these two old friends shared their design journey and story.

Twig started on a whim, Michelle with her lifelong obsession with plants convinced Katy, a skeptical poet to gather some mosses and repurpose an old jar. For the next year, these zany two friends spent time experimenting with terrariums in all types of vessels…after creating hundreds of these (and running out of storage space), they decided it was time to launch this new venture.

nsi-twig-03I instinctively knew that it was their light-hearted sense of humour, friendly personalities combined with an aptitude for business that have contributed to their remarkable success.

Twig’s open studio and shop is located in the Gowanus neighbourhood of Brooklyn. Their range consists of all types of terrariums (moss, plant, succulent and air plants), do-it-yourself kits, unique gardening items and funky flora, as well as cool and unique gifts for just about anyone.

Customisation as a part of unique design

Underpinning Twig, is the offer of personalisation – they promise to create a custom terrarium with scenes ranging from nice to naughty to nature lovin’! Each Twig creation contains something special – a snapshot in miniature of one’s daily life or passions; a brief moment of urban living amongst the mosses; a bucolic scene of a yogi by a waterfall; grazing sheep on rolling hills. Whimsical, eccentric with an unusual sense of unearthly irony, Twig is all about perspective and creating familiar miniature scenes from unexpected objects.

Each terrarium symbolises a small carefully considered verdant world. In a recent feature, Brooklyn Magazine commented, “How many people do you know who have an adorable little terrarium, featuring a figurine of a woman flashing her boobs?”. “Not enough,” is the answer!


Simplicity, innovation and creativity in design


As I chatted to these lovely ladies, I could not help thinking; “Oh my gosh, what a genius idea” – a true Why didn’t I think of that? moment. I believe it is a clever combination of a simple concept mixed with innovative and creative execution which makes Twig so unique.

A growing Terrarium design business

From humble origins at the Brooklyn Flea to their own spacious bricks and mortar store where they have upgraded premises three times, Michelle and Katy’s work has been duly acknowledged by The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Real Simple, and The Wall Street Journal, just to name a few. TV shows featuring the pair include CBS News, Fox Business, Rachael Ray and others. You can even find their work at the New York Botanic Gardens, where they were asked to create a custom installation in the Children’s Garden.

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nsi-twig-04Taking the terrarium world by storm in an era where urban living craves even more green spaces, I predict Twig is only set to rise and grow in the future.

You can read their story at the Twig Terrarium Website.

See samples of their work on:

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