Why Choose North Shore Interiors


For most individuals and business owners, money matters.


If you are not constrained by a budget, you’re set. However, at North Shore Interiors, we recognise that this is not always the case.


We strive to offer our clients on Sydney’s Lower North Shore and greater metropolitan area design outcomes that match their needs, their wants, their individual style, their timeframes and best of all their budget.


North Shore Interiors look forward to bringing our interior design expertise to your home, yacht or business.


Interior design advice you can trust

Linda is a regular contributor to leading Australian interior design publication Home Design magazine and the annual Design & Decoration. In recent years her work has been featured in Grand Designs Australia, Habitus and habitusliving.com.


She has also been sought after for her expert opinion by Inside OutGrand Designs Australia, Home Design and Money magazines. Watch out for more of Linda’s work featured in the media.


North Shore Interiors has developed three critical client briefing steps, a Project Feasibility Study, a Design Diagnostic and a Style Assessment to accurately determine your project’s budget, functional needs and identify your personal style.


Step one

Project Feasibility Study is specifically designed to break down your project’s budget room-by-room or by key areas. This enables us to establish your priorities within your budget and avoid any unwanted surprises. 


Step two:

Design Diagnostic will take you through your project’s functional needs room-by-room or by key areas to create the right mission summary and keep your goal on track.


Step Three:


A Style Assessment is carried out to identify your likes, dislikes and your personal design aesthetic. This is the final stage in the client briefing phase and determines the foundation of the design concept.


Benefit from our wide network of industry contacts


Even if you have a good idea of what you want, it pays to have us formulate the right plan for your budget. Our wide network of trades people and suppliers means that we can take the pain out of project management and ensure that you get what you want whilst enjoying the ‘insider’s advantage’.


Best of all, we keep all our current and previous clients informed of new products and special promotions from our suppliers. No reason for you to miss out even after your project has wrapped up.

Cutting edge design and unique pieces


As new products and services come onto the market, North Shore Interiors will make sure your project is always up to date with the latest and greatest new innovations to fulfill your project’s needs.


The value of good design and space planning is priceless. North Shore Interiors captures the right “mood” or “feeling” within a space using our diverse knowledge in design and functionality to:


  • maximise your return on investment
  • keep customers coming back to an enticing ambient room; and
  • turn your personal space into the ultimate retreat.

Complete project management solutions for busy professionals


If your daily life is busy enough, take the hassle and stress out of your project and leave the details of design, decoration, styling or project management to North Shore Interiors. Contact us on 0432 716 558 or email enquiries@nsinteriors.com.au today to see how we can take care of it all for you.


Or do you simply need a design ‘buddy’ or ‘shopping chaperone’?

Alternatively if you have time on your hands and are simply looking for a ‘buddy’ to assist with an initial concept that you can put into action yourself then we are happy to complement our strengths with yours.