Big Sandwiches, Big Mouth



Big Mouth had a clear idea of their own product, but asked for our guidance for the design of their new café in Sydney’s inner – city area Pyrmont.


The solution was to take the owner through North Shore Interior’s Design Diagnostic to determine the key design features in order to highlight the Big Mouth Café products in line with the café’s prepared business case.

Honest food in an honest environment

Remodel quick facts

Location: Pyrmont, Sydney

The client: Big Mouth Café

The budget: The budget: Strict and tight

The result: A sleek, clean contemporary café that emulates its wholesome products and leaves customers asking: “Where are your other Big Mouth Cafés?”

Linda formulated a strategic plan to upgrade and maximise the potential profit for this Mosman garden apartment.


The unique layout presented a conundrum – 3 bedrooms cut off the living area from a much sought after 120m2 grass and tiled backyard and adjoining lock up garage.

NSI saw the bigger ‘interior design’ picture

Big Mouth’s mission is to produce honest wholesome food and drinks including jaffles, thick-cut sandwiches and iced drinks bottled on-site.

North Shore Interiors proposed the colour green, to endorse the café’s commitment to wholesome, fresh and organic based foods.

Interior features with a difference

Exposed and oversized hanging light bulbs helped to create an edgy industrial ambience, reflecting the customers that live and work in the area. Raw wooden crates were used as storage whilst at the same time reflecting the earthy feel of the café.

Café remodel, recycle and reinvent

Remodelling the café from the previous space included:


  • the removal of existing counters, fridges and flooring – these were sold to help pay for new materials.
  • key pieces were recycled including a large timber-framed mirror, metal tables and chairs.
  • new counters were installed and cladded with wood panelling and painted black to balance the raw wooden elements.


We chose other elements to give a black accent, such as the menu boards, all combining to give the café a smart and contemporary feel.


New businesses have tight budgets – need to maximise the use of their dollar

With a strict budget for this start-up business there were many opportunities to take advantage of existing materials and maximise their use. For example in the rear courtyard we kept many elements including existing bamboo screens, shade sails, the greenery and metal tables and chairs.


To make the most of this space in a cost effective way we opted to paint the concrete floor a practical and clean earthy shade, clean the shade sails and give the feature wall a fresh coat of Big Mouth green paint. By using the accent black colour for the tablecloths we gave the outside the same smart and contemporary feel as the inside.