Children’s Fantasy Comes to Life


A Sydney couple approached North Shore Interiors to help them create a bespoke outdoor play area with a difference for their two young children.


After a Design Diagnostic, it was decided that the best option for the children’s needs and the space was a cubby house and separate swing set – custom made to fit with the existing backyard and garden layout.

Outdoor design quick facts

The client: Two young children looking for a backyard getaway.

The opportunity: The parents wanted an outdoor play space that ‘fit’, allowed for ease of supervision but still gave their young ones ‘at play’.

The result: An attractive and functional double addition to the backyard made it irresistible to children.

Seamless outdoor play spaces

The cubby house was specifically designed to nestle into the existing garden. Made of western red cedar and stained pine construction, the structure was designed to blend in with the garden without looking too ‘child like’.


The swing set, made of the same construction, complemented the cubby house and the garden.

Safe and supervised from the house – all built in

It was important for the parents to be able to supervise the children, so the cubby house doors were designed to open out completely and reveal the inside. Close them again and the cubby house insides are protected from the elements!


The result was two custom-made play areas that blended easily and appealingly into this family backyard. But the ultimate outcome was two happy little children now actively using the space to stimulate hours of imaginative playtime fun.