Custom interior solutions

Designers are fortunate to have many skilled craftspeople and artisans
 at their disposal, all eager to collaborate, to produce bespoke designs resulting in unique and beautiful furnishings and accessories.

As a designer, being able to create that ‘perfect’ piece to fit into a room or space allows me to give my clients an interior that is truly tailored to their individual home, personality and design aspirations.

Tailored solutions for tailored interiors

Project Quick Facts

Location: Sydney

The problem: This project needed two large luxurious rugs that could be interchangeable between rooms and were understated enough to complement the distinctive architectural features of the home.

The solution: Pick an element of the room as the basis for each bespoke rug design. Collaborate with Korda Design, flooring solutions specialists, to produce a beautifully unique rug to suit the space and clients’ needs.

In this case study, you will see an example of such a tailored interior.


The owner of this lower North Shore home had been on the hunt for rugs for the lounge and dining room areas of their home but could not find anything on the market that suited. Many of the rug or flooring solutions were far too detailed and clashed with the architectural details of the home and home furnishings. Others were too plain and repetitive, with none of the commercially available rugs able to capture the unique feeling this client wanted to create.


In collaboration with niche flooring solutions manufacturer, Korda Designs, Linda Delaney created a bespoke solution that fit the brief perfectly and elegantly bowed in the background of both spaces.

Bespoke design from within

In preparation for each of the rug designs we took an element that already existed within the room, eg. in the dining room it was the brickwork of the fireplace surrounds. Using this as the inspiration basis a design was then developed.


As inspiration for the lounge room rug, the prominent wood grain in the room was used as a starting point and followed a more loose and linear output which was far more organic in nature.


Korda’s mill were then able to produce samples of each design to ensure the colours and textures specified met both designer and client expectations, before the rugs went into full production. We in fact made a few tweeks to the colour and stipple pattern on one of the rugs after sampling, making it just perfect when sent to production!


The result produced two stunning rugs made with 100% New Zealand wool and silk.


The differing textures at different heights and combinations throughout each rug, is simply luxurious to walk on. The silk also provides a beautiful shimmer that makes you want to look and touch it a second and third time.

Custom solutions add versatility

For the client, the rugs ‘fit’ into each space giving them added versatility for use in either room. The intention is to use the fireplace space in the hottest months as the dining room, and convert it to the lounge room to get cosy during winter.


The neutrality of each rug allows it to be interchangeable in both environments, whilst also allowing the beautiful architectural features of each room around them to stand on their own merits, as intended.