Mobile Spaces


How to decorate and design your caravan, boat or yacht with North Shore Interiors?


Now that you have the mobile space of your dreams, it’s time to hit the open road or sea. But before you do, let Sydney’s North Shore Interiors help you design, decorate and fit-out your ‘get away from it all’ place for maximum space usage and a style and design to match your comfort and relaxation desires.

We are passionate about creating the right mood whilst ticking all the boxes for your space’s functional needs and can deliver design outcomes that match your needs, your wants, your individual style, your timeframes and best of all your budget for:

  • Boats, yachts and house boats
  • Caravans, campervans and motor homes

Key considerations when designing and decorating your boat, yacht, caravan or motor home

Usability, functionality and the use of lightweight materials are key considerations when we formulate the best design solution for your mobile space. We work together with your needs to create and deliver multi-purpose areas to maximise space using the perfect balance of functionality and style.

Everyday of your getaway will feel like

the treat you worked so hard for.